Kshitij Sachan

Kshitij Sachan

Member of Technical Staff

Redwood Research


I’m a member of staff at Redwood Research, where I’m working to reduce the existential risk from powerful AI. Previously, I completed a combined four-year master’s/undergraduate in applied math-computer science, during which I did reinforcement learning research at Brown’s Intelligent Robotics Lab, advised by Professor George Konidaris. I’ve also interned at Jane Street as both a trading and software engineering intern.

In my free time, I enjoy ultimate frisbee, biking, playing the flute, and spending time in nature.


  • Mechanistic Interpretability
  • Scalable Oversight


  • B.Sc. in Applied Math-Computer Science (concurrent), 2022

    Brown University

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (concurrent), 2022

    Brown University


Curriculum Learning via Reward Shaping

Final Project for CSCI2951f: Sequential Decision Making

Modelling the spread of news on social media using PDEs

Final Project for APMA 360: Partial Differential Equations

Predicting Newspaper Biases

Using Twitter data to predict the political leanings of news organizations

Bubble News

A news website that uses algorithms to find the largest news stories of the day.